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April 13, 2016

been using dropbox with the 1TB plan for a year or so and have found it useful thought of late i’ve been unhappy with some of their ‘business’ decisions (think you’ll know of at least one).
so a replacement for dropbox? i’ve got a box account but have always found it a bit clunky (it may have improved but i haven’t gone back to check). there are others i’ve trialed but usually linux support has been a bit iffy. onedrive? no. google drive? no.
so my replacement for dropbox? tresorit. why? all data is encrypted and they don’t have the keys to decrypt it. working linux client? yes. mac client? yes. android client? yes. free trial? yes. they list many more good reasons if you’d like to have a read. i’ve gone for the 100GB plan as i’ve realised that 1TB was far too much for me to realistically make use of.
it took me a couple of hours to shift my data from dropbox to my new tresorit ‘tresor’ and all seems to be working well.

bye bye dropbox. hello tresorit.

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