change the remote SSH port on BackupPC

April 19, 2016

it’s good security to change your default SSH port away from 22 but this causes issues with some software. here we’re going to change the port that BackupPC uses for SSH and rsync on the remote server.
i’ll assume you setup your host and it’s ready to go. click ‘edit host’ then click ‘Xfer’. head down to ‘RsyncClientCmd’ and ‘RsyncClientRestoreCmd’. here’s what they should look like…obviously replacing username with the username you’re using and replacing 12345 with the port that you’ve specified on the remote machine.

$sshPath -q -x -l username -p 12345 $host $rsyncPath $argList+
$sshPath -q -x -l username -p 12345 $host $rsyncPath $argList+

BackupPC should now run the backup without complaint.

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