upgrading owncloud manually under linux

February 12, 2016

i recently tried to upgrade to 8.2.2 but always failed because of an error that was only fixed in version 8.2.2. so what to do? upgrade owncloud manually.
1st – backup your database (in fact backup everything in sight)
2nd – download your data directory and your config.php file to the local machine you’re working on (config.php is located in the config/ directory)
3rd – back up your owncloud directory. i’m using linux so on the command line i simply did a mv owncloud owncloud.bak
4th – download the latest version of owncloud to the directory where your install resides e.g wget https://download.owncloud.org/community/owncloud-8.2.2.zip
4th – unzip the archive with unzip owncloud-8.2.2.zip which should leave you with a new owncloud directory
5th – replace the data directory in the new owncloud directory with the original you downloaded in step 2 (overwriting the existing files). then replace config/config.php also with the version you downloaded earlier
6th – visit https://yourowncloudurl.com and start the upgrade procedure. this might take a wee while especially with large installs. when that’s finished you should be able to login again and enjoy the latest version.
if for some reason it gets bricked just delete the new owncloud directory do a mv owncloud.bak owncloud and reinstate the database backup you did in step 1

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