let’s use let’s encrypt with plesk and linux

December 17, 2015

let’s encrypt is a new, and accepted, way of generating SSL certificates for your web servers. it’s backed by some of the biggest names on the internet and is now ready to use on your sites. did i mention that it’s free and open? well…it is.
how do you use it with plesk and linux? it’s easy if you’re running plesk 12.5.30 (your mileage with other versions may vary).
click the extensions tab over on the left


then instead of clicking ‘add extension’ we’re going to browse the ‘catalog’ so hit the ‘extensions catalog’ button


this’ll grind away for a little while and when it has completed said grinding there should be, before your very eyes, the extension you’re looking for


click install and you’re off. it’ll now appear along with your other extensions in the first page that we looked at. i did participate in the closed beta but was struggling to get it going with a server that was using plesk for linux. this makes it very simple.

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