alfred 2 for OS X

December 17, 2015

after recently turning to the dark side (well not the darkest of dark sides…just OS X) i’ve been looking around for apps that i would never, as a linux user, have encountered before. the most interesting of those that i’ve so far is alfred 2.
i suppose it’s aimed at improving productivity but its simple interface masks a very powerful piece of software that’s very extendable and has a very large, and active, community built up. it makes it easy to search files, look up things on the net, send email (though not for me as i use thunderbird and it isn’t supported) and a myriad of other things. at the moment i’m just experimenting with workflows created by other users but hope to dip my toe in the water and start developing my own. check out their site for a better explanation and more info. i’ve purchased the powerpack to open up more options but even without that it’s a great bit of software.

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