fitbit charge update

October 29, 2015

this update mainly consists of my damaged fitbit charge. bit of a flaw in the design here methinks. have a gander…

fitbit_damagesee? can’t wear it now in case sweat damages the innards. i’m missing it more than i thought i would…have become rather used to it being on my wrist. i contacted fitbit and they got back to me within 12 hours (can’t complain about that) so i’ve sent them various photographs of the damage and other information. will see where we go from here.

up until yesterday morning here are my step stats for the previous month.

fitbit_monthly_stepsthat’s more miles than i thought i did…no wonder i wear shoes out quite quickly. will update once more if there are any developments.

UPDATE II – so approximately 10 hours after emailing fitbit with the information they had requested i got a reply. the reply was to let me know that a replacement fitbit charge had been dispatched. that’s quality service. they don’t even want the damaged one returned to them (suggested i recycle it locally). it’s not often i’ve dealt with such a large company and received such treatment so my hat’s off to fitbit and their customer service. i just hope the replacement lasts¬† a bit longer than those three months.

UPDATE III – new fitbit charge received via courier. given some juice, firmware updated and now back in use. again…kudos to fitbit for some excellent customer support. hopefully i’ll not be posting again in 2016 to report that the strap has started to detach itself from the electronics.

UPDATE IV – three months later exactly the same thing happened with the strap. as always the fitbit support have been excellent and they’re shipping me out a new one. the fact remains though that there’s quite a serious design flaw here. this isn’t coincidence. i suggested to them that they forward my correspondence to their R&D dept though i’m sure i’m not the only one this has happened to.

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