wordpress on openshift forcing https for admin panel

September 9, 2015

i spun up a wordpress install on openshift. no problems with that as the install is as easy as installing it on a regular host. i did run into an issue though as the admin panel was being forced to use https with the default redhat certificate. this will lead to problems down the line as said certificate won’t match your domain (or subdomain). the solution is quite simple. let’s disable https. open the file


and go down until you see the following section. simply change ‘true’ to ‘false’ (without the quotes) and save the file.


| WordPress Administration Panel
| Determine whether the administration panel should be viewed over SSL. We
| prefer to be secure by default.
define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true)

now go back to the / of your install and give it

git add .
git commit -m 'disable https for admin panel'
git push



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