should you upgrade to lightroom 5 from lightroom 4

March 6, 2014

should you upgrade to lightroom 5 from lightroom 4? the big question that you probably haven’t been asking yourself. i had been asking myself this since june 2013. i finally caved in this month and bought version 5 (upgrade version) and it cost me £55.49 from install was fine though after it had completed it downloaded a 978MB update. why adobe insist on combining the windows and mac installers in one file i have no idea. bloated.

it seems faster than version 4 (i’m running it on an SSD) but for me that’s about it. there are a couple of tweaks that i’ve found to be useful (the healing brush seems much more effective and the perspective tools are good) but on the whole, for me, it wasn’t worth the money. if your camera’s RAW images weren’t supported before they may be now.  i’m by no means a professional photographer so those who are might find lots to like in version 5. i wish i’d waited for version 6.  maybe i’ll use my camera more now, though, to justify the expense.

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