lo-fi laundrette

December 9, 2013

hadn’t visited such an establishment in a few years. lo-fi laundrette. in fact this attempt was nearly thwarted as i stumbled round to it, slightly hungover, and it was closed. had forgotten that most, normal, people don’t get up at a stupidly early time of the morning. so i went back…after 9 am…and set about the process of wrangling with tokens, coins, machines and other people. it’s all in the timing. buy a strangely shaped token for £4.50 and we’re off on the wash and spin cycle (34 minutes…that’s enough time for me to pop back home and back)…then it’s over to the dryer. this time there’s no token…it’s a £1 coin for 23 minutes…that wasn’t going to be quite enough so it’s another 20p piece for an extra 4 minutes. whilst this was tumbling i shot off to the post office to finally send a package to someone that i’d bought a camera from on ebay. what? you didn’t mean to include that flash in the sale? it’s meant to be with another camera that you’re selling. great. so there’s a wee glimpse into the start of one of my saturdays. riveting, i’m sure you’ll agree. the fruit of my labours? one bag of clean (but still slightly damp…should have bought another 4 minutes) clothes and this picture of some dryers.


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