canon canonet film camera

December 2, 2013

the canon canonet film camera (or one of the range at least) has been added to my collection. what a lovely thing. think this is the first one of the line…from the very early 60s. considering that it’s a good 10 years older than me it’s in rather splendid condition. in a much better condition than i am truth be told. came complete with a leather case that’s in similar, pristine, nick.

angular but stylish…

canon_canonet_front_largewith a selenium light meter and 45mm f/1.9 lens…

canon_canonet_lens_closemost of the controls are on the underside…

canon_canonet_undersideleaving the top plate with only the shutter release and flash mount…

canon_canonet_topmeter is metering. shutter is shuttering. aperture is, er, aperturing. all that’s left is to choose the film it’ll be devouring. a wee asa200 i think…maybe of the slide variety.

i have put together a slightly rough pdf manual which you can grab here. it was jumbled together with images kindly provided from this site.

4 Comments to "canon canonet film camera"

  1. Chris Hurst wrote:

    Most toothsome and worthy of E6.

  2. col wrote:

    indeed. came with a rather odd flash that you may be interested in. an image will wing its way to you this week.

  3. Chris Hurst wrote:

    Always interested in the odd. In other news have almost achieved a critical mass of darkroom gear so there may be prints in the near future.

  4. col wrote:

    that should be most satisfying.

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