reversing the lens on a vivitar pn2011

March 6, 2013

got this camera very cheaply and thought i’d try a little mod on it. nothing too fancy. i’m just going to reverse the lens to produce a fisheye-type effect with plenty of distortion. all you should need is a small cross-head screwdriver and, maybe, a tiny blob of blu tack. before i started…


firstly remove the front cover. there are two screws on the outside and two inside where the film sits (the location of these confused me momentarily).

once these are removed the front cover should come off easily and the lens panel is exposed. remove the screw to the right of the lens (circled) and then there are two clips that secure the panel to the inner body.


i couldn’t get a picture of these with my phone but one is beneath the bottom-right of the screw you’ve already removed and the other is above it. ease them out, gently, with the screwdriver and the panel should come free.

remove the plastic holding the lens in by rotating it clockwise (at least i think it was clockwise…). it will come off easily and now you can push the lens through from the back (careful with this part…it will be in two pieces).


flip it 180 degrees and re-seat it. all simple up until now, eh? time to replace the thing that secures the lens. push it down firmly and then rotate it in a counter-clockwise direction to get it under the clips. when i did this the lens sits up more proudly than before and i couldn’t re-attach the cover for the lens…doesn’t make any difference to the mechanism though. time to put things back together.
should be simple enough except for replacing the screws that secure the front cover from the inside. very, very fiddly with large fingers (or even small fingers i’d think). i used a tiny blob of blu tack to sit the screw on the screwdriver, tightened it until it was housed in the screw hole, remove the blu tack and tightened fully.


will update with some images once i’ve finished the roll. fingers crossed for decent results.

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