light seal replacement – part one

August 2, 2012

the light seals on my ricoh 500 g had seen better days. they looked alright the last time i stuck a roll in but when i’d finished it and opened the back they were in a sorry state. parts of them had transferred to the body…a sticky mess. time to replace them. i’d advise that you take a picture of their size and placement before you start. here’s the state of them before…

so i attacked the ageing seals with lighter fluid, a metal spatula, some household cloths and a grim determination. you might be able to get under the old seals and scrape them off cleanly…that didn’t work for me. soaked them in the lighter fluid to loosen the glue and i ended up with black gunk…everywhere. after much scraping and rubbing i got the majority of the old seals out of there.

so it’s looking a lot better than before. the next part involves a steel ruler, some 1.5mm foam (with a self-adhesive back) and a scalpel. stay tuned. (in fact it’s here).

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