light seal replacement – part two

August 23, 2012

in the last post i prepared the ricoh 500 g so that i could replace its decayed light seals. in this one i’ll show you, briefly, how i did it.

i bought some 1.5mm thick sticky backed foam (in fact that’s the seller i used…she was most excellent), a steel rule with a cork back (to prevent slipping) and a couple of stanley blades (sure you could find something more comfortable).

four pieces need to be cut. hinge side, latch side, top and bottom. here are some rough sizes…they worked for me. hinge side 65mm x 20mm. latch side 65mm x 5mm. bottom 85mm x 5 mm. top 85mm x 20mm.

i found the process quite easy…apart from the latch piece. it has to be slid down behind the latch and eased into position rather carefully. i’d try placing it a couple of times with the backing still on the foam before you do it properly. if you moisten the glue you’ll be able to move it about a bit before it sticks.

the other fiddly bit is to cut the hole for the viewfinder. place the top piece in place without removing the backing, flip the back of the camera round so that you can use a pen to trace the outline of the viewfinder. remove the piece again and cut round the outline you’ve drawn but make the hole 2mm or so bigger all round. this will allow it to sit round the plastic viewfinder rim.

and here are all the bits in place. make sure they’re all seated firmly, with no gaps, and close the camera back so that they’ll be pressed down properly.

not the best job in the world…if i’d taken it to a shop and they’d done this i might want my money back. it’ll do the job though and should last for a good few years before they need replaced.

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6 Comments to "light seal replacement – part two"

  1. Chris wrote:

    A fine and accurate result. Not tempted to return to the merchant for a yard of goatskin recovering?

  2. col wrote:

    i may have already…
    lookout a200…

  3. zenowatson wrote:

    Nice one Col, this could be the start of something for you, buying old Cameras with damaged light seals for cheap, you fix them, and sell them for more.


  4. col wrote:

    i’d buy ’em…i’d fix ’em…i’d keep ’em…sigh…

  5. Bill Millen wrote:

    Great stuff Col. I like the how to photos also. I could of done with that when I started out doing this sort of thing.

    I starts here and next thing you’ll have a couple of sets of jewellers screwdivers and checking out the wire at maplin!

  6. col wrote:

    cheers. maplin you say…

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