lightroom 4 – shadow and highlight controls

March 23, 2012

bought lightroom 4. yes…not my usual sort of thing but i thought it was a good investment and offers most of the tools i’ll ever need. here’s a, very, quick look at the control offered by the shadow and highlight sliders. this is a shot taken at the northern tip of loch ness with my sony a200 dslr (RAW format) at 18mm and f/5.0.

the first version is the original…untouched (actually it’s cropped a wee bit to match the second, edited, shot but that’s it.

rather dark around the opposite shore and the clouds are lacking a bit of detail. a general levels adjustment in the gimp wasn’t all that effective as it made the rest of the image too exposed. in lightroom 4 there are some rather nice tweaks to be made. i set the ‘highlights’ and ‘shadows’ settings like this…with an increase in ‘clarity’ too…

and the results are plain to see i think you’ll agree…

just a very quick fix…took 10 seconds or so including the crop. (click pictures for a slideshow…of sorts…couldn’t work out how to get rid of the slider image)

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