ubuntu 11.10 – a little look

August 14, 2011

ubuntu 11.10 oneiric ocelot (come on people…you could have come up with better that that…) alpha 3 has been released so i thought i’d give it a whirl. been using fedora 15 64 bit since its alpha stage and kind of miss a debian based distro. so i fired up virtualbox to give it a try. here’s a brief look with some screenshots (click any of them for a larger view).

the install was smooth and rather speedy (it’s still using some of the 11.04 artwork but that’s normal with ubuntu alpha versions) and within 20 minutes i got to the login screen.

ubuntu have decided to stick with unity instead of moving to gnome 3 as fedora have which i can kind of understand as they’ve ploughed so many resources and so much time into it. after logging in we get to the main desktop interface and can load up some ‘goodies’.

i’m not disliking unity as much as i did the last time i used it…the left bar is actually more configurable than gnome 3’s version. apps can be easily removed (here i got rid of all the usual office guff that’s installed by default) and others added from the main application menu which looks like this…

if you’re too lazy to fire up a terminal window the software centre makes it easy to find and install new software (i.e. first stop… gimp, build-essential, joe, ubuntu-restricted-extras, filezilla and ufraw)

11.10 is using a brand-spanking-new kernel (3.0.0-7-generic). hot off the presses. read more about this big step for linux here and here’s the proof…

memory usage isn’t exactly minimalist but i had a few things running and the virtual machine was only allocated 1GB of RAM. here’s top and htop displaying the current load and processes

i’m actually quite impressed with 11.10 so far. it’s rather polished and reacts snappily (even when running virtually) and while i wouldn’t recommend you install it on a mission critical machine right now i’m just about to do just that.

EDIT – install completed on my HP Notebook. ran into one problem after logging in… ‘/usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconf-sanity-check-2 exits with status 256′ this also happened when i installed the 10.10 beta as i documented here. follow the instructions in that post to correct the error. here’s a wee grab of the finished article running on my machine…

6 Comments to "ubuntu 11.10 – a little look"

  1. Marcus wrote:

    Which theme are you using on the last picture?


  2. col wrote:

    just the default theme with a bit of wallpaper that i’ve been using for years…

  3. Zi wrote:

    umm just because this sorta bothered me i need to point out that its not “1GHz of RAM” because GHz is more for processors and other things dealing with frequency

  4. col wrote:

    you’re quite right…don’t know what i was thinking of…edited the offending entry. thanks.

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